How We began

Our first project with SIPC was to deliver two computer systems with printers. This was completed in November of 1999. Since then, Mr. Nasa has requested enough computers to provide for a classroom. This project was completed, and the computers were officially handed over on June 15, 2001. It includes 46 networked computer systems plus two network servers, a file server, a printer server, and a CDRom server. Also included are the hubs, printers, wiring and other equipment necessary to maintain the system.


During February 3-15, 2002, Shane did a check-up and repaired some of the computers

Richard Bole returned in November of 2003 to bring on line two terminal servers for the network. They also received a large UPS to protect the servers.

SIPC has received two more servers in 2003, and will receive two more 2005

Souther Iloilo Polytecnic College is a public 4 year degree granting college in the town of Miagao, Iloilo, Philippines. They will graduate their first class for the degree of BS of Information Science in March of 2005.

Southern Iloilo Polytechnical College

Monitors arrive, purchased from Ohio, November 2000

Oranges that were sold to help fund the shipping, December 2000

Crates in a truck, ready for shipping to SIPC, January 2001

The four crates arriving at SIPC, each crate weighting over 800 pounds

The handing over of the computers, June 15, 2001, after spending 3 weeks in the Philippines, setting up the computers

Visiting the computer room after the program

Computer classroom, June 13, 2001

Computer classes, February 2002

Shane Bole repairing a network server, February 2002